We’ve previously had very positive comments come out o the ballet world about Black Swan, but there are a few other rumblings developing that should be part of the discussion.

First up, some new comments from a ballerina, who feels that the film is entertaining and gets a lot of things right, but she also thinks that the highlighting and exaggerating of certain negative elements is harmful.

Then there is the unfortunate reality that some people are taking the ultra thin images from Black Swan and using them to encourage eating disorders. I haven’t seen the film but I’m sure the film presents this as part of the horror of being a dancer. Unfortunately, intentions will always be co-opted and twisted.

Finally, a video interview about the national news story of a critic essentially calling one of the Nutcracker dancers too fat, has a Natalie mention. It’s HULU so I can’t view the clip. Hopefully the comment is a positive one.