New Poll + Short Film Results

The poor Thor trailer got a little lost in the Black Swan shuffle, so I thought it’s only fair to make it the subject of our new poll. We’re simply asking…

What did you think of the Thor trailer?

As for the results of that surprise NY Times short film, most liked it well enough, but a quarter of you guys were left cold. Full results after the jump.

What do you think about Natalie’s short film for the New York Times.

Sexy. Interesting. Pretty good. – 47.2% (59 votes)

Pure elegance. Loved it. – 23.2% (29 votes)

A cringe worthy effort. – 14.4% (18 votes)

I don’t get it. – 10.4% (13 votes)

I haven’t seen it yet. – 4.8% (6 votes)