New Poll + NSA Red Band Results

It’s definitely time for a new poll and while there are a few candidates, I’ve decided to see what you guys think of Natalie’s last two red carpet looks.

The Palm Springs/NSA Premiere poll

As for the poll about that red band trailer for No Strings Attached, almost half of you are starting to really come around to the idea of the film. Check out the full results after the jump.

What did you think about the red band trailer for No Strings Attached?

Better than the previous trailer. Hope is growing. – 47.3% (88 votes)

I loved it and am really looking forward to the film. – 31.2% (58 votes)

I didn’t like this trailer. I didn’t like the last trailer. This film is dead to me. – 11.3% (21 votes)

I haven’t seen it yet. – 5.4% (10 votes)

I actually preferred the green band trailer. – 4.8% (9 votes)