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By March 4, 2011Site-news

Saturday and Sunday were big nights for Natalie with two Best Actress wins. The new poll is for those of you who are into what Natalie wears to these big events. So…

Which was better – her Oscar look or the Indie Spirit look?

As for Monday’s poll, the results were predictably enthusiastic, even though the slightly less happy option took the top spot. Hit the jump to check out the full results.

Natalie’s Best Actress win is…

A very happy and proud moment. – 52.7% (223 votes)

The highlight of my Natalie fandom. – 42.3% (179 votes)

Totally underserved. – 3.1% (13 votes)

Not that big of a deal. – 1.9% (8 votes)


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  • PatrynXX says:

    the highlight of natalie fandom was the golden globes. I don’t entirely respect the Oscars as I once did.