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As mentioned on our Bublaa page last night, we’re returning to rating Natalie’s films. A couple years ago we rated each one of her films, to come up with a Natalie fan average. We then added these averages to each film page in the filmography section, along with the IMDB users average and the RT critics average.

We never did Brothers and New York, I Love You, because I wanted there to be a bit of space after release for an opinion of the film to settle. So we probably won’t get to Black Swan (and friends) until next year.

UPDATE – Having seen the first two votes be 10 out of 10 I just want to remind you to please try and be reasonable. If you truly think the film is the best thing ever, by all means, give it a 10. But there’s a whole spectrum available. Use it.

With all that said and done…

Rate New York, I Love You

As for the previous poll, a quarter of you are completely nonplussed about the Thor 2 news. Check out all the results after the jump.

Complete the sentence. Thor 2 is arriving in 2013 and that makes me feel…

Thrilled – 36.8% (49 votes)

Nothing – 24.8% (33 votes)

Satisfied – 15% (20 votes)

Thankful – 9.8% (13 votes)

Horny – 9% (12 votes)

Bummed – 4.5% (6 votes)


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  • dazza says:

    I gave it a 5. It’s a bit hard to judge an anthology type of film, but while I didn’t hate too many, there weren’t many that stood out positively either.

  • AMSSERME says:

    In the Bublaa page I rated Brothers a 10 over New York,I love You because comparing these two films,Brothers was better than New York.Now if you mean by 10 that such film is the greatest of all Natalie films then obviously Brothers would not deserve such rating since other films like Closer,V for Vendetta or Black Swan were better films than Brothers.

  • omgzrachel says:

    I gave it a five as well. It was like an exercise in mediocrity.

  • dazza says:

    Yeah, the films should be based on their own merits. 10 is a perfect film. 9 is a bloody great film. 8 is a very good film. 7 is a pretty good film. 6 is an average film. Etc etc.