A nice batch of mini updates for your snacking pleasure this morning.

– Toto found an old article that indicates that why Natalie might not exactly need to rush back to work. This isn’t confirmed, and we don’t know how much of that would be tied to the charities Dior agreed to support as part of the deal. But, still, wow.

A huge contract. A contract in gold. “For three years,” says one at Dior. Worthy of the biggest transfers of football. The figure of 30 million taping ( compared N. Kidman 14.5 million for 3 years Chanel No. 5 and G. Clooney 3 million/ year for Nespresso)- right? false? – Is breathtaking. Dollars or euros ? At this point, whatever. No confirmed. Nor denies.

– Spanish blog, Blog de Cine, have named Natalie Best Actress of the year.

– Finally, in case you haven’t seen them yet, Cloud Atlas concept art and the first still from the film have arrived. Even though Natalie wasn’t able to be in the film, it still feels vaguely Natalie news worthy.