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By April 24, 2012Nat-news

Toto20 found a video released by Natalie for Elie Wiesel, who received an award at the Public Counsel’s 2012 William Douglas dinner. Presumably she could not be in attendance, which is lucky for us because otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten this video.

The message for Wiesel is incredibly heartfelt and I can’t actually stress enough how beautiful she looks. I had to rub my eyes a few times to make sure my eyes weren’t tricking me.

PS – I know it’s been back awhile but can we share a hallelujah that her hair is dark again?


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  • Adonis says:

    Yes Natalie speaks once again full of emotion from her “big heart” – really great. And I must say one more thing: Natalie just looks amazing in her video message from – a true “Goddess!”

  • Poppy says:

    Lovely vid, and she does look stunning, as for the hair, that def looks not long re dyed as her hair has still been quite light in recent candids with a lot of blonde, this is to my eyes a lot darker, but I too prefer her with darker hair

  • omgzrachel says:

    I think it’s just the lighting. I wish she’d go dark again for real. 🙁

  • AMSSERME says:

    Nice message.About the hair color,I don’t mind.Natalie looks beautiful with any color.But I respect the fans opinions about the dark hair preference,since that was Natalie’s hair color when she began her career.

  • howdyoudothat says:

    Why did she not crack a smile? She looks beautiful and her speech was well-delivered, but she looks uneasy here. Maybe she is tired.

  • CédPortman says:


  • Dazza says:

    Hard to smile when you’re talking and not have it look cheesy. Plus she was talking formally about a serious cause and a deep felt appreciation for a man’s life.

  • howdyoudothat says:

    It’s not so much smiling as it is appearing soft in demeanor. Sadly, I think she equates looking “professional” with being serious and unanimated. She leaves much to be desired.

  • Dazza says:

    Well it wasn’t too long ago that people were calling her too girlish and were making fun of her laugh.

  • howdyoudothat says:

    ^^^How true. She is trying to find a more “adult” persona it seems. I respect that.

  • Kornemuse says:

    I also prefer Natalie with dark hair !

  • a3stars says:

    Is there any way that Rachel could make a few screen capture pictures from the video since Natalie does look so incredibly lovely in it? That would be so cool to have a few saved. 🙂