Whiz lives!

By May 13, 2012Nat-news

Natalie was spotted saying goodbye to her mother at the airport before departing from New York City with Benjamin and Aleph last Friday. Her MIA pup Whiz also made an appearance! I think it’s probably safe to assume that he’s been living with her parents. Note: Natalie’s baby is clearly pictured in a majority of the photos, so you might want to steer clear of this set if that bothers you.


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  • C√©dPortman says:

    Natalie looks upset about the pictures was probably because of the paparazzi

  • howdyoudothat says:

    Wow, she looks really tired, but in the same breath, it’s apropos to mother’s day that she is a tired, working mommy. But I wonder why Whiz is living with the parents? Maybe he is a liability to children, or maybe Natalie’s schedule just doesn’t allow for pets yet. And wow does Aleph have some (cute!) mop on his head.

  • Adonis says:

    Certainly not because of the paparazzi. As you can see Natalie has tears in their eyes – because every goodbye, if only for a few days or weeks, is always a bit sad.

  • Aurore2704 says:

    It is known that dogs are afraid of children.

  • AMSSERME says:

    I agree with Adonis.Natalie is sad of leaving New York,her mom and Whiz.Adonis wrote in a earlier post that Aleph looked much like his grandfather and he is right,Aleph does looks like his grandpa.Some photos are very moving,Natalie kissing her Mom and her son.Very appropriate for Mothers Day.

  • Garcy says:

    Aleph cracks a smile in #31. D’awww!

  • alex74 says:

    I have the impression she is a bit sad. Smile Natalie…