Meeting Natalie

Remember the lady below from Natalie’s Women for Obama talk in Cincinnati? Well she has a blog and posted a full rundown of the event and meeting Natalie. I highly recommend reading the full account, which includes a mention of Natalie’s grandmother being at the event, but if you’re short on time you should at least read this funny excerpt.

While we were waiting to go out into the room, Natalie asked Dylan and I about our classes—which was very sweet of her. She also said that she was really glad we did so much work for women on campus, thanked us, and said she was glad to share a panel with us. Her body guard jumped into the conversation and we talked about grad school a little bit. I was so giddy, but very calm and collected. Right before we went out, Natalie mentioned that she had a full bladder (so eloquent), and explained that she couldn’t go to the restroom when she got there because the bathrooms were on the other side of the hall, and she’d have to go through all of the students.. which would be, well, impossible. Poor thing. I should have offered to cup my hands or something.