New Poll + Jackie Results

It’s time for a new poll and I’m really glad I thought of this one.

Knight Of Cups – LA, dark haired beach running Natalie, Bale, the movie business, “a story of a man, temptations, celebrity, and excess”…

Formerly titled Lawless – Austin, blonde haired big breasted short skirted Natalie, Gosling and Fassbender, the music business, “two intersecting love triangles, the story of sexual obsession and betrayal”…

So based on what we know, if you could choose only one, which Malick film would it be?

The either/or Malick poll

As for the Jackie Kennedy poll, almost half of the voters thought it would be a great role for Natalie. That said, all the other voting options received support so feelings are quite varied on this one.

Check out the full results after the jump.

Would you like to see Natalie play Jackie Kennedy?

Yes, it would be a great role for her – 41.7% (78 votes)

Like Natalie I’d need to know who is directing first – 18.7% (35 votes)

Yes, but with some reservations – 13.9% (26 votes)

No, I don’t think Natalie is a good fit – 12.8% (24 votes)

No, biopics are usually boring – 10.7% (20 votes)