Thor 2: The Dark Tidbits

Time for a little roundup of some Thor news items.

– The big news is that, if this tweet is accurate, Natalie is now in England for filming. Will be interesting to see if her hair changes. The makeup and costume department are going to have their work cut out to make her look half as good as she’s going to look in the Malick film.

– Thor had been filming in Iceland but they wrapped last week, with focus now shifting to the UK. I see they filmed at Skogafoss, which was one of my favourite waterfalls when I visited Iceland 5 years ago.

– There are rumours that Natalie is apparently not happy about going back to work on Thor 2. There was a lot of smoke after Patty Jenkins was fired as director but Natalie is a pro so it’s always a lot of guesswork. It’s entirely possible that the relationship between Natalie and Marvel is not great but we may never know for sure.

– Finally, Comic Book Resources has breakdowns of the Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 plots. They are VERY VERY VERY spoiler heavy so tread carefully.