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By January 8, 2013Site-news

Before we get to the new poll, here are the results of the last (and first on the new site) poll.


Dead even when it came to the highest praise and the most violent rejection of the new site, but happy to see that more than half of you are happy with the new surroundings and those less sure are willing to give it some time.

Today’s new poll is already a bit of a mess up because I couldn’t get the images to load with the poll. Will try and get that working tomorrow, but scroll down a little and you’ll clearly see the two photos we’re asking about.

Which new Dior photo was more memorable?


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  • kuyaglen says:

    I dont like navigation bars on the right.

  • omgzrachel says:

    The B&W photo is nice, but forgettable. The print ad gets my vote.

  • LH458 says:

    I sit in front of a 23′ TFT and i have not the best eyes but the whole Site its to heavy. Make the whole font size maybe 10 percent less like the Site before and it could help. I don’t no .. everyone likes different

  • LH458 says:

    EDIT: its like u reading a .pdf with to much zoom……..

  • jesslv74 says:

    It looks fine to me, on both 22″ and 24″ monitors. It is quite a bit bigger than the old layout but I’m not having any trouble navigating around. Is it just the size that’s a problem or are things cut off? Maybe you’re just having a hard time adjusting.

  • Kris says:

    I dont like navigation bars on the right.

    Could you be more specific? If you mean the main menu (Home, Calendar, Films, Image Gallery etc) then it’s always been to the right, so that’s no different than before?