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By March 22, 2013Nat-news

The Hollywood Reporter has a nicely detailed account of what went down behind the scenes of Jane Got A Gun. Problem is sources are still giving separate stories, but I presume one of them is correct…or maybe the truth is somewhere in between.

Looking at the direct Natalie mentions, they say that Natalie was unaware of what was going down and that they began looking for a replacement director before she found out along with everyone else on Monday. Natalie is of course a producer herself, so it would be strange of them to risk upsetting their star by keeping it a secret.

The other interesting mention is that after Fassbender left, producer Scott Steindorff presented Natalie and Ramsay with a list of 10 actors that he considered bankable enough to replace Fassy. Problem was Steindorff, Ramsay and Natalie could not reach a decision that they were all happy with and it was then that they decided to shift Joel Edgerton from villain to hero.

Read the full story here. Thanks to Kitten and Arrow.


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  • irish law says:

    Part that still doesn’t make sense to me is, they all kept this secret from Natalie? why they tried to hide this…it sounds weird.

    Well, for the fun part, I found this interesting video, title : “What if Terrence Malick, Wes Anderson, JJ Abrams direct JANE GOT A GUN? Would Jude Law have stayed in that case?”

    after seeing it, gosh I wish WES ANDERSON could save this whole trouble! His part alone looks awesome and his style nailed prefect for the theme.

  • doesthepoohdance says:

    A director like her should have been promised final cut, especially since delays were seemingly not of her own making. They needed more time for Fassy’s replacement and that fine print about final cut loomed in her head and she asked for it to be amended. She should have been given that, IMO. As I’ve said, Natalie is just as difficult as any other woman could hope to be in this or any other business, but she gets away with it because she’s beautiful, obviously. Lynne Ramsay is average and fat and probably got laughed at… Maybe Natalie should have sided with her director?

    • Dazza says:

      Well we don’t know if delays were down to her or not. At least some of the sources indicate that Fassbender leaving was because of her and she was struggling to meet script deadlines for a rewrite. Apparently there were issues on We Need To Talk About Kevin so it may be the case that she’s a talented artist but not ideally suited to the structured business side of a bigger production. In which case, if she had transgressed on the original agreement and lost final cut because of it…then that seems fair to me.

      However, if the delays weren’t anything to do with her then obviously that was a harsh decision. But I can only imagine they would need renegotiate if the producers were worried about Ramsay delivering. I doubt it would have come out of nowhere.

      • doesthepoohdance says:

        If the cacophony was coming out of Natalie’s beautiful face it would be golden to them! Wait, maybe it was! Team Ramsay! No, no, Team going back to bed!