Help From Brothers And The Dude?

The LA Times has a really good summary on the behind the scenes drama of Jane Got A Gun. They also cover some of the speculated stories as to what happened with Ramsay, which range from producers struggling to get in contact with her during pre production to Ramsay dealing with personal issues. One source says she actually quit on Saturday while another said everyone expected her to be there on Monday.

So basically we still have no idea.

What is interesting is they mention who might be replacing Jude Law as the villain in the film.

O’Connor is said to be looking at a slew of actors, namely those with an international brand who also happen to look good in a hat. On that list are Jake Gyllenhaal, Tobey Maguire and Jeff Bridges.

In other news, writer Brian Duffield seems really happy with day 1, posting this tweet last night.

Thanks to Kitten and Jack.