So about those new Jane rumours…

Over on Deadline, which broke the Bradley Cooper news, there are commenters, claiming to be in the know, who are saying that Natalie has not been on set of Jane Got A Gun either and the production is still problematic.

It sounded unlikely to me but given the craziness that has already befallen he production I thought I better check in with my source.

So here is the lowdown. They are done with 2 weeks of production. They now have Bradley Cooper on board. Natalie HAS been on set. Natalie has been in front of the camera. What did happen is that Natalie got sick and missed 3 days, so maybe the rumours stem from someone on the production who sees Natalie is scheduled to be on set but she isn’t…so 2 + 2 = 5

Hopefully Natalie is feeling better and the production continues without any further setbacks.