Portmania will officially kick off on Wednesday, with your regular host, Sanjiro. We are still very much in need of some fanart commemorating Natalie’s birthday, so if you have some skills, please mail me what you have.

Now onto some mini news items…

– I checked in with my source for Natalie news recently, hoping to get some clarity on a few projects brewing. Unfortunately I was total that there is nothing new to report regarding Jackie, In The Garden Of Beasts and Important Artifacts. I also tried to see if Jane Got A Gun had any release plans yet, but no, they’re still filming and things are still in the air. Sorry about that :-/

– Actress Theresa Palmer has spoken about her work on Knight Of Cups. There is no mention of Natalie, but her account of Malick’s process and what she was asked to do is definitely worth a read.

– Finally, Ming Choo found a tweet indicating that Natalie has been part of a new video for the Hadassah Children’s hospital. She has a long history of working with the hospital, such as this promotional video.