Joel On Jane

The rocky Jane Got A Gun production looks to finally have settled and Joel Edgerton is back to reiterate that he thinks everything is going to be fine. In this interview with The Playlist he talks about the production and also jokes about the fact that the film may be a secret Star Wars film, considering Natalie, Ewan and himself were all in the prequel trilogy.

Here are a couple choice quotes…

I’ll be honest and say that a large portion of what you read on the internet is true and a percentage of it is just complete bollocks, but it is what it is.”

“I have no idea of much worse situations because I’m amazed in some ways how movies just fall over and never come back. And this movie had the opportunity to sort of fall over, but it’s only tripped over and righted itself because of the spirit of everybody behind the movie. A massive part of that has been in the inclusion early on of Gavin O’Connor replacing Lynne Ramsay. I was part of the reason for dragging Gavin into this experience, that I don’t know many people who work harder than Gavin. When Gavin gets involved in something, it’s all he does. He lives and breathes the movie. He becomes obsessed to make sure everything is great and he will not stop. He is in ‘Terminator 2,’ like the liquid thing [T-1000]. He came in with very little prep time and sorted things out. He gathered all of the information and became the general that we all needed at that time.”