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Miss Dior Cherie Video

It’s horribly edited together but this is still a great find from Toto20, a video showing behind the scenes of the Miss Dior Cherie launch in New York back in 2010. We see Natalie at the launch, at a special dinner and then again in a one on one interview setting. It also has footage from the opening of the Dior boutique, with John Galliano, before he disgraced himself and was fired by Dior. Speaking of which, Nannnina found a Vanity Fair slide show focusing on the most famous red carpet snubs, and Natalie not wearing Dior (as the Galliano controversy was in full swing) to the 2011 Oscars made the list.

But back to the video, there is no embed code so you’ll have to just click the thumb below to get to the video.

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