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Lot to post but it’s been a hectic week. Sorry about that, should have more time on Friday and the weekend.

– Let’s kick things off with a story that has warmed many hearts already. That of Natalie lending one of her red carpet dresses to the teenage daughter, of her makeup artist, for prom. I think it’s a nice story and it clearly meant a lot to the young lady, but the last line of her blog post pours a little bit of water over the story…

I had a blast. The only sad part is now I have to pack up my dress and send it back to Natalie Portman.

– The Playlist has done a piece speculating about the films that could play at the upcoming Venice Film Festival. They have Knight Of Cups/Untitled mentioned on the last page of the article, but aren’t too optimistic about it’s near arrival. Personally, I think Cannes next year is probably the earliest it will play. Hope I’m wrong though.

– Finally, remember that band Chvrches, who had a lead singer who looked a bit like Natalie in this video? Well a few days back they had their debut performance on US television. No Natalie likeness this time but still really cute, no?


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  • akki says:

    I thought Natalie gave a dress to Lauren (even though I know Lauren is not anymore a teen but can still pass as one). Or like Chvrches has been included in the OST of the film Nat’s in. Hahaha!

  • LH458 says:

    DAZZA, stop posting about your huge crush one the Newssite from NP.com! 😀

    She is cute yeah, but have nothing in common with Natalie. Rather she look and sounds more like Emma Watson.

    Anyway the music is really nice. Like it also. She also sings live unlike the left guy. This oh, oh oh oh, oh oh at the end is fake 🙂

  • Adonis says:

    The voice of Lauren Mayberry is simply heavenly – and millions saw on NBC, not bad!
    This was her first big step for a great career …
    It resembles Natalie really only in the video “Lies” 110.008 Views.