Lot to post but it’s been a hectic week. Sorry about that, should have more time on Friday and the weekend.

– Let’s kick things off with a story that has warmed many hearts already. That of Natalie lending one of her red carpet dresses to the teenage daughter, of her makeup artist, for prom. I think it’s a nice story and it clearly meant a lot to the young lady, but the last line of her blog post pours a little bit of water over the story…

I had a blast. The only sad part is now I have to pack up my dress and send it back to Natalie Portman.

– The Playlist has done a piece speculating about the films that could play at the upcoming Venice Film Festival. They have Knight Of Cups/Untitled mentioned on the last page of the article, but aren’t too optimistic about it’s near arrival. Personally, I think Cannes next year is probably the earliest it will play. Hope I’m wrong though.

– Finally, remember that band Chvrches, who had a lead singer who looked a bit like Natalie in this video? Well a few days back they had their debut performance on US television. No Natalie likeness this time but still really cute, no?