Vogue Straggler

By July 5, 2013Nat-news

When Eden sent me this outtake shot from the 2011 Vogue appearance, my first reaction was excitement, as that’s my default expression for new photos from old shoots, but when I looked closer at the shot…


This could be a contender for worst editorial shot. Anyone agree or am I off base?

tumblr_mpetmjXiZb1rf29u9o1_400 copy


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  • omgzrachel says:

    lbr, that whole shoot was not one of her best.

  • Dazza says:

    Fully agree. Especially considering it was Vogue. But that photo is a stand out even from that set.

    • omgzrachel says:

      True, but American Vogue has had some pretty terrible covers and weak editorials over the past few years. I get what they were going for, but the stiff, awkward poses and boring set… not one of my faves.

  • Joe Schmo says:

    Still, Miss Havisham has never looked so good.

    Joe “Over hear tit, I mean Pip!” Schmo.

  • starprincess66 says:

    it’s awkward, but i kinda like it.

  • natness says:

    She looks weird here, indeed, but could still serve as a nice hatstand.