Noah Talks Jane

The actor playing Natalie’s injured husband in Jane Got A Gun, Noah Emmerich, has dropped a few quotes about the film in a new interview. Thanks to Belerofonte.

Were you on Jane Got a Gun from the beginning or after Gavin took over?

No, I came in after Gavin, who directed our pilot, who I’ve worked with multiple times, this is my fifth film with him. He came in, the movie was troubled, very troubled but Gavin ended up being the director. Actually the day after I wrapped “The Americans” season one, I flew to Santa Fe for a couple of months to make that film. It was really fun.

Are you the reason Jane got a gun?

I was a member of an outlaw gang and I left the gang when I met Natalie’s character. We went off and lived our lives and the gang has since found where we are and they want revenge. So they’re coming to get me essentially, and Natalie’s character, Jane. I’m injured and she has to figure out how to defend the pending siege of our homestead.”