Calendar Wallpaper – April

By April 1, 2014Site-news

It’s a new month and you know what that means? Free pizza!

Sorry, just been informed that there is no free pizza. You’re going to have to hand that back.

Even better than pizza, here is the new calendar wallpaper courtesy of Ana.

14April (1)th



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  • sanjiro says:

    Free pizza is the April fools joke?!?! That’s the worst one ever. I think you should give everyone free pizza as an apology. Or a video to showbiz pizza on YouTube.

    • Dazza says:

      No April Fools this year. Just don’t have time. Had an idea for one a few months back but will have to remain in the back pocket. Maybe next year! (Probably not)

  • Ana says:

    The wallpaper is better than pizza? That’s one of the most serious compliments I’ve got 😉