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More Love And Darkness

Thank goodness for A Tale Of Love And Darkness. Despite only just finishing filming we already have the first production still from the film. The still has a personal message to cinematographer, Sławomir Idziak, from Natalie. Have to say it’s a gorgeous shot and the likenesses to the real mother and (particularly) father of Amos Oz, are really well done.

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Speaking of Idziak, this interview in Polish seems to reinforce the special relationship that the two shared on set. A Polish friend of mine gave me the bullet points…

– His desire to work on the project was due to two things. Firstly because the Oz novel is so complex and secondly because Natalie was a first time feature director who understood that many first timers over prepare for their first film and end up wasting time and money. Their approach was to be very cost effective and “avoid failure at all costs”.

– Then he talks about how talented, intelligent and modest Natalie is – he had expected a “spoiled rich bitch”. He also says that Natalie had a difficult challenge directing, acting and looking after the young boy who plays Amos Oz.

– He concludes by saying that Natalie expressed her satisfaction with working with him, as we can see by the image above.

Thanks to Belerofonte and Aleksandra.