House Hunting in Paris

By August 25, 2014News

We’ve updated the gallery with some new-old candid photos of Natalie and family visiting apartments in Paris back in April. Please note that Aleph is visible in the photos. Thanks to HQ Utopia.


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  • Ming Choo says:

    Little Boo. Aleph is by far the best thing Natalie has produced in the past three years.

  • Cédric42 says:

    the few times we have seen the face of Aleph I was struck by his resemblance to Natalie 🙂

    Bienvenue en France chère Natalie 🙂

  • Lee Bartholomew says:

    Not sure I wanna be in France right now. They don’t have a Government right now 🙁 it was dissolved (they do that more often outside the USA… Great movies but risky country.. (Taken kinda proved that one fiction or not)

  • Antienne says:

    I may be wrong. But I think Natalie is a very smart person. Much more than you and me. And her journey from childhood to adulthood proves it. So I think if there are risk in France, she is well aware of that.

    And don’t have a governement is not the problem. It takes two days to make a new one. In fact at this moment there is a new one. Request me if you want to know more about French politics. Because I think there are a lot of cliché and approximations in your words.