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By August 26, 2014Nat-news

Natalie fans are blessed with a catalogue of thousands of photos of her through the years. However, we all know that for every one great editorial shot, there are dozens more that are just as good but never see the light of day. When we do catch a glimpse of these “extras”, particularly years after the fact, it feels akin to finding treasure. Today Kitten delivered some priceless gems, with several additions to one of the very first ever Natalie photoshoots.

Click the thumb below to check out the additions to the Bruce Weber shoot of Natalie and Alessandro Gassman from 1994.


Thanks to Teenageddirtstache


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  • Kitten says:

    another one from the same source

  • Adonis says:

    Natalie always looks good with Italians – really great shots. Alessandro has a son, and his name is Leo …. why not “Leon”?

  • Adonis says:

    Unfortunately, you can not enlarge the photo.

  • MrsKiraSayers says:

    Alessandro Gassman :Q________

  • Kià says:

    I can’t believe it , Alessandro Gassman is one of my favourite actor ever. He is very famous in Italy and made and makes a lots of movies on the screen, playing in theatre and on tv. I remember a photo of them together at Venice Film Festival of some years ago, when
    Natalie came with her short movie “Eve”. They had a hug each other. I did’t imagine they knew.
    Yes Adonis,he has only child Leonardo ( who is 14/15 years old now) and a wife Sabrina Knafitz(i don’t know how the surname is written) who is an actress too. Wonderful photo,so tender!

  • Adonis says:

    Kià … Sabrina “Knaflitz” is an Italian actress who is married to Alessandro Gassman since 1998.
    Personally, I’ve never heard anything about her?

  • Kià says:

    It’s true Adonis. She (Sabrina Knaflitz) works in theatre overall and made some italian comedies. I think she is a good actress but she didn’t have a lot of lucky .

  • Adonis says:

    Of course, a little luck you always need to be a movie star. But the most important thing for an actor to come to the top is his talent, his intelligence … like Natalie for example .. ..
    ‘The road to the top is always hard’