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The Playlist have done their annual listing of the top 100 films that they are anticipating for the coming year. Of mild interest is Pride And Prejudice And Zombies (#100), Jobs (#29), and Macbeth (#6). More pertinently, Jane Got A Gun lands at #99.

That said, we’re still interested in checking it out: it’s been a passion project for Portman, we don’t get enough badass feminist Westerns, and with McGregor, Edgerton and Emmerich backing her up, there’s a strong cast involved too. Ramsay’s film will always be the one that got away, but there’s still reason for hope that this version will be a decent time at the movies.

There is no mention, unless I overlooked them, of A Tale Of Love And Darkness and Project V, but Knight Of Cups does make the cut. Where? How about #1 baby!

What we do know for sure, after a stupendous trailer and official confirmation of a festival premiere, is that “Knight of Cups” will be seen this year and we’re very excited. While set in a contemporary world he has rarely explored, ‘Cups’ looks positively Fellini-esque, and features just about the greatest cast (though who knows who’s actually in it), and a continued collaboration with maestro cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, so yes. Excited doesn’t really begin to cover it.


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