2015 Film Slate

The Playlist have done their annual listing of the top 100 films that they are anticipating for the coming year. Of mild interest is Pride And Prejudice And Zombies (#100), Jobs (#29), and Macbeth (#6). More pertinently, Jane Got A Gun lands at #99.

That said, we’re still interested in checking it out: it’s been a passion project for Portman, we don’t get enough badass feminist Westerns, and with McGregor, Edgerton and Emmerich backing her up, there’s a strong cast involved too. Ramsay’s film will always be the one that got away, but there’s still reason for hope that this version will be a decent time at the movies.

There is no mention, unless I overlooked them, of A Tale Of Love And Darkness and Project V, but Knight Of Cups does make the cut. Where? How about #1 baby!

What we do know for sure, after a stupendous trailer and official confirmation of a festival premiere, is that “Knight of Cups” will be seen this year and we’re very excited. While set in a contemporary world he has rarely explored, ‘Cups’ looks positively Fellini-esque, and features just about the greatest cast (though who knows who’s actually in it), and a continued collaboration with maestro cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, so yes. Excited doesn’t really begin to cover it.