Another TIFF Portrait

By September 13, 2015Nat-news

Another portrait from TIFF has arrived courtesy of W Magazine. Different outfit, same gorgeous result. You can’t go wrong with a black and white Natalie head shot. Thanks to Belerofonte.

Natalie Portman portrait from TIFF


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  • Retro says:

    It’s strange to see Natalie looking a little older. I first came to this site back in 1999/2000 (I’m not sure which) after first watching Star Wars and then realising that the girl in Leon (a film I watched before and loved) was actually her. I visited a lot back in the early 2000’s and then intermittently since then. I think this sense of watching someone grow over the course of 15 years is relatively new thanks to the internet and in all honesty it makes me a little nostalgic and melancholic of when I first visited all those years ago; watching films such a Beautiful Girls and even going as far as reading the script to The Seagull (having not had a chance to see her performance in New York). I wish visiting this site made me happier now… but then maybe it does.