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Anyone else feeling a bit deflated by the new Star Wars film being good. I mean, I’m glad that it is but it’s frustrating that Natalie wasn’t given the same kind of platform to create a compelling character as Daisy Ridley has received. Sigh.

In any case, here are some mini news items to lift the gloom.

– The French premiere of Jane Got A Gun is taking place on January 24th and Natalie will be in attendance.

– Speaking of which, with the delay in France the country that will now see the film first appears to be Germany on December 31st. The German site for the film is here.

EW has Natalie’s photo for Jackie and it is HUGE.

Thanks to Belerofonte.


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  • Nina says:

    I was a bit disappointed by Star Wars. It was a good movie but I didn’t love it. I re watched all the movies before the new one and Padme has her moments! It’s a shame they ruined the character in episode 3.
    I watched an interview with Alex Garland and he mentions that Annihilation will start filming in May and will be an ensemble film with 5 female roles. I was hoping that Natalie will play a leading role. 🙁

  • Rachel says:

    A bit frustrated. I really enjoyed the new cast; they were such a breath of fresh air (especially John Boyega, who had more charisma and energy in one scene than Hayden Christensen had in an entire trilogy). Everyone in the prequels seems extra dour and wooden in comparison. But it’s not like they were untalented. I will always be left wondering what the prequels cast could have made out of some believable dialogue and with a more hands-on, less sedate director at the helm.

  • natness says:

    If Dazza says a Star Wars film is good… it is good!

    If only the people behind Force Awakens had made the prequels.

  • Amo says:

    I guess but it’s not particularly Ridley – all the young actors in TFA got better work that Natalie did.

  • Namor12a says:

    :Any word if Jackie The Movie is going released first in North-America and in English first and not in France or Germany…!?¡

  • Namor12a says:

    Auto-Correct:”Jackie The Movie is going to be…”

  • Namor12a says:

    :”Star Wars: The Force Awakens” was huge. The latest installment of the Star Wars saga holds the new record for highest-grossing opening weekend…

  • jesslv74 says:

    Trying to make this spoiler-free…

    Yes. If Natalie had been given Daisy Ridley’s role when she was younger, with the same dialogue and direction as the current actress, I think she would have been great. Of course that was not her character…she was a princess, but wasn’t given the ability to showcase her talent in the prequels. Looking at her subsequent work and especially her work following the prequels, it’s easy to see how talented she really is. I mean, just look The Professional! It still upsets me that people base her acting abilities on the Star Wars movies due to how much attention they got. I think for some people, it was their first look at her and that’s still their overall impression of her, keeping them from being interested in her other work. Even actors like Ewan McGregor and Sam Jackson seemed like lesser actors than they are. I think Ian McDiarmid was the one who was able to break out and give a good performance.

  • N456 says:

    I loved Daisy Ridleys character in the film, but noone will replace padme for me. loved everything about her in the trilogy of prequels, i do agree natalie didn’t get the same opportunities with her character as daisy has which is a shame.

  • Mandeep says:

    Ok – look – it’s been 10 years since the official release of Revenge of the Sith which is still one of the best Star Wars movies ever made – acc: The Sun newspaper. Natalie Portman not only played an Queen but also her character is labelled as the ill-fated wife to Darth Vader and the ill-fated mother to legends Luke and Leia. The Prequels are done – they are canon and they are here to stay – so – why not – stop the bashing and their the entire SAGA as 1 BIG MOVIE!

    PS: I personally think Natalie did her best job in Episodes II and III. She was better as the handmaiden in Episode 1.


    • natness says:

      I accept the prequels without whitewashing their flaws, just as I respect Natalie´s career without expurgating the prequels.

      Yes, the prequels are canon, but that alone doesn´t make them good.

  • Foundran says:

    Two things…Padame was not a major character in Star Wars, a character whose death was already foreseen because of the book series. Also, she has said that her role in Star Wars kinda hurt her career…and I can see that. I wouldn’t have heard of Natalie if it wasn’t for Star Wars!

  • Elin says:

    I feel the same way Dazza. I saw the prequels when I was barely in my teens and back then I enjoyed myself, but Rey is so much more rewarding as a character to play than Padme ever was. Goes to show that no matter how good you are or how beautiful, you’re limited by the parts that are available. Star Wars was a curse for Nat in a way it’ll never be for Daisy Ridley.
    On the one hand, that’s good: it shows progression. Times are changing.

    A lot of people (myself included) are sick and tired of the typical damsel-in-distress role most women are delegated to. And even when they showed female characters being badass, they have to be so in skin-tight outfits, have great hair and perfect makeup and their faces, even when they show aggression, have to be subdued and pretty. Padme’s character was severely held back by these limitations, as was Natalie. (This is still a problem though, as can be seen in the latest Avengers movie.)

    This star wars movie had none of that. And it was a breath of fresh air. Not even to mention having a black actor in a main part (and Bodega nailed it) and of course the return of familiar faces.

    It shows that diversity in movies is a good thing. I know I sound like a social justice crusader, but I really hope that this is the beginning of a permanent change in film. Hopefully the fight against stereotypes will also help Natalie secure/create roles that are rewarding to play for her and exciting to see for us. Of course I wish this change had started sooner so Natalie could have profited from it when she was younger, but better late than never eh.

  • Elin says:

    Damn typo, wish I could edit my post: I meant Boyega, not Bodega. My bad.