JGAG Tidbits

Jane Got A Gun week continues and we’ve got lots of related updates.

– The film is opening on 550 screens this weekend, which is one of those mid-sized releases that isn’t a small platform release where they hope to build and certainly isn’t a wide release. The Weinstein’s aren’t in a good place financially, which could account for not only that but why there has been little to no marketing push. Perhaps a fitting release for a film that has had one of the most troubled releases in years. Thanks to Belerofonte.

– A couple reviews have landed with The Hollywood Reporter giving a mixed review.

Portman certainly commits herself fully to the role, and one can imagine how much the double-duty of starring in and presiding over such a troubled project was no simple turkey shoot. Still, at times, the actress seems almost too graceful to be playing a woman in Jane’s predicament, especially one living under harsh conditions and suffering years of strife across the continent.

The New Yorker is more mixed negative and touches on something that has bothered me in the trailers.

Can a face as famously beautiful as Portman’s ever show the weathering of such peril, or the scars of a hardscrabble life? Well, yes. It certainly did in “Cold Mountain,” where she played a lonely widow in a secluded shack, and which she stole in a few brief scenes—shooting down a fleeing soldier, and weeping at the touch of a hand. Somehow, “Jane Got a Gun” fails to be scuffed by that sense of desperation.

– This is a really nice video interview with Natalie and Joel Edgerton, in which they discuss working on Star Wars together, the troubles on set and Natalie ends by talking about the wage disparity between men and women.

– Finally, for the film geeks, here is an interview with cinematographer, Mandy Walker.