Paris Easter Egg Hunt

By March 24, 2016Nat-news

Russian entertainment site Spletnik has some new candid photos of Natalie and Aleph (pictured) taking part in a traditional Easter egg hunt in the Jardin du Palais Royal in Paris yesterday. Click through the preview to view the photo set in our gallery.



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  • Jordy says:

    His hair isn’t blond anymore… Same thing happened to me. It might get more pale once the sun had the opportunity to shine on it. I remember when I was his age and and we used to live in a house right on the border of a forrest in the countryside and it was easter and it was a very sunny day (which is pretty rare in Belgium) and I went into the garden and found my easter eggs… Man those where great time coz back then I actually believed that the easterbells where real and that they flew over to drop chocolate eggs on the lawn. 🙂
    Man, I whish I could go back to that day. Who knows, maybe one day when they finally finish that time traveling thing…

    I know it’s a little early but: Happy easter! x