Four Seasons Photoshoot

By November 30, 2016Nat-news, News

The Big Story and Daily Mail have an article by Associated Press, in which Pablo Larrain and Natalie talk about Jackie. The report is illustrated by a great photoshoot, made by Chris Pizello at the Four Seasons Hotel on November 11.

Click on the image to see the pictures:

Pablo Larrain, Natalie Portman


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  • natness says:

    She looks old and tired on these pictures. I know this isn´t the most charming thing to say about a woman, but well…

    Aside from that, I can´t wait for the film to come out. She´s a guaranteed Oscar nominee next year.

    • Rory Paul says:

      I kinda agree. I think all this non-stop promo stuff she’s been doing since August (first for ATOLAD, now for Jackie) has probably taken it out of her a little bit. Being pregnant likely doesn’t help, either. I hope she takes a nice long (not too long, mind you) break after the Awards Season is over. She probably needs it lol.