Family Day

By December 4, 2017Nat-news, News

After a few days with some problems accessing the site, we finally return with news…

I don´t usually like to post family photos of Natalie in which the children are clearly portrayed, but I think this candids are worth it, perhaps because it´s one of the few times we have seen the whole family together. Natalie, Benjamin, Aleph and Amalia were spotted going to Arclight cinemas in Pasadena this weekend. Ok Magazine, via Legion Media, has the photos. It must be said that the faces of the children are clearly visible in all the photos:


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  • Micah says:

    Those photos are really nice; I like the one where Benjamin’s holding Amelia’s hand, well, I like it and also love it too. Amelia is so adorable.

  • Micah says:

    I think this section with the family photos will be ok for this statement. Some months ago everybody might remember me stating some comments or messages about Natalie and her family. My mind just wasn’t right and I think I said some things that probably upset or was disrespectful to Natalie, her family, fans, and the website owners. I apologize and am very sorry. I’m working better now at thinking a lot more clearly before I say or write something so as not to upset, offend, or be disrespectful to anybody. I do love Natalie and her family very much and I pray for them every day.

  • Andy says:

    As for me the frank first impression is a value.
    There is no second first impression.

    • Micah says:

      You’re right Andy about the first impression; not exactly sure what the word frank means; I’m just trying to say my apologies if I did happen to upset anybody.

    • Micah says:

      Nevermind my above statement; I understand now; thanks.

  • jesslv74 says:

    I try to make it a rule not to look at candids, but when I was scrolling through the posts and saw the preview picture, I just had to look at them. It is wonderful to see Natalie and her family so genuinely happy. The photos put a huge smile on my face.