Women’s March in LA

By January 20, 2018Nat-news, News

Natalie has attended the Women’s March in Los Angeles today, where she has given a inspirational speech at the stage, along with other artists like Eva Longoria, Viola Davis or Scarlett Johansson. These are the first images and videos of her in the event:

Women’s march Los Angeles January 20th 2018

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  • Scipio123 says:

    Wonderful speech. It really shocked me hearing about that guy sending her a rape fantasy. Poor Nat 🙁

  • Steve says:

    I’d say she looks good, but I’m not sure that’s allowed anymore ?

    • Natness says:

      Steve, you are allowed to compliment the looks of a woman. You are not allowed to harass or assault her. So work on your charm, get eloquent, and stop lamenting over supposed feminazis. It´s a bit too early for a role reversal in that matter.

  • Kris says:

    That speech.. wow, just wow!! And a good time to remind people of the meaning of life… “don’t be a dick”!