After some intense days, full of news, here we have a few tidbits to start the week:

-Sunnie Pelant, the young actress who played Caroline Kennedy in Jackie, has posted a new behind the scenes photo of the film with Natalie:

-The American release of Annihilation is coming, and we have confirmation of the premiere, which will take place in New York on Tuesday, February 20.

-And finally, something more frivolous news: it has been talking in social media for months about the physical similarities between Natalie and Millie Bobby Brown, the famous actress of “Stranger Things”, but it has not been until last week that the subject has been posted in some “serious” sites like Time or Entertainment Weekly:


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  • Natness says:

    The photo with Natalie and Sunnie is out of this world adorable. As for the supposed similarity between Natalie and Millie Bobby Drown: there is none whatsoever. Just look at Millie´s shoulder muscles. Natalie was much more delicate.

  • jesslv74 says:

    I don’t really see it either. Their chins are different, as are their foreheads, and Millie has an overall harsher look.