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Day two of PORTMANIA! IT’S Fantastical and Stupendous! It’s Natalie-Tacious!!

But FIRST! Everyone has that one important question: Have we saved the world yet?

Um… no.

With all true Systemic changes there’s a lot of ins and outs. The computers had a little problem with the wi-fi. and the scientists were kind of disappointed by the cafeteria selection.

But, we were able to get the wi-fi straightened out and we got some bagels brought in, and the scientists seem happy.

now, we’re talking!

So now we’re gonna get right into it and save the WORLD!

While they do that let’s get back into PORTMANIA! DAY TWO!

The bagels won’t last too long so we’re going to have to make a full blown meal so let’s get started…

With a Natalie Portman Cooking Lesson!

Nice patter, Portman!

Alright! You’re gonna need many change of clothes and different hairstyles to follow along! Let’s GOOOOO!

Step 1. GET your Ingredients! and a SPOON! Mix them together in some sort of BOWL!

Sometimes the ingredients may include coconuts. So remember to have your screwdriver and hammer ready

Now you’re going to need a pot! and put that stuff in the POT!

Now change your clothes and grab some TONGS!

Now you might want to take a break and eat a mushroom or something!

or maybe that’s the coconut? i’m not sure what’s going on anymore.

okay, back to stirring. that’s good. Keep stirring! Hey wait a minute…

Did you go get a sandwich?!! We’re cooking over here!

Now, we’re almost done and we can start eating our PORTMANIA MEAL!


I’m still HUNGRY!!

That’s okay! PORTMANIA is a time to EAT!!

That’s all the PORTMANIA for today! TOMORROW we’ll see how far our specialists got with their world saving and get ready for TUESDAY!