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For Everyone a PORTMANIA!

It’s PORTMANIA Day 3! And there’s nothing to do!!

It’s another wonderful day in PORTMANIA! And life just couldn’t be better. Except for everything. But that’s better than expected.

What can we do today? I don’t know. I’ve kind of run out of ideas. This is my 22nd PORTMANIA!

Another minor snag on the world saving front. The scientists came up with a full proof plan that was sure to cure everyone’s problems almost immediately!

They were very excited!

Unfortunately the idea was that a bunch of major celebs get together and sing “Imagine”. I had to break the news to them, that was already tried. And people just made fun of them.

They were pretty disappointed.

Maybe if they tried a different song? Like Convoy?

Keep trying, guys! We’ve still got one more day until Natalie’s birthday.

Now what can we do?!? A Natalie FACT?

NATALIE FACT! (WARNING: Natalie FACTS are flammable vapors. Keep lights and fire away. No smoking.) Natalie Portman always shows up at parties carrying a watermelon to recreate her favorite scene from the movie Dirty Dancing. No one has ever asked her about it.

How about we look at Natalie Pics?

Based on the PORTMANIA pic of the day let’s look at Natalie at Basketball games?

Okay. I thought there would be more pics of that. um… Natalie on the street holding coffee?

DAY THREE has ended! There’s just one more day to get this right! I’m going to push the scientists all night. We’re paying them good money for this! Good luck out there!!

you can Google anything

PORTMANIA stands up!