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PORTMANIA: Aftermath

Our scientists have done it and saved the world!! So now here we are at PORTMANIA again! Sure, everything is still messed up, but that’s for other people to worry about! IT’S PORTMANIA AGAIN! This time with 40% less sucking than usual!!!

But not just any PORTMANIA! It’s PORTMANIA 23! This week marks the 40th anniversary of Natalie Portman being put on this planet! I had planned a 40 days and 40 nights extravaganza!! A 40 for 40, if you will. Starting on May 1st; a PORTMANIA celebration for forty days to Wednesday June 9th!

But then I took a nap and forgot about it until this morning. So now we have FOUR DAYS of celebrating!!! BUT! We just have to times the celebrating by 10 each day!!

We could eat 10 cookies!! unless you’re diabetic, then DON’T DO THAT.

We could pet a dog ten times a day!

We could watch 10 Nat movies a day for four days! She has to have 40 movies by now. CAN WE DO IT?!

no. probably not. I just counted and she really only has 38 movies that I would count as true NAT MOVIES. We could count Zoolander and The Darjeeling Limited, I guess, but she’s only in them for like 5 seconds.

Maybe we could watch The Professional and Black Swan twice?

That’s up to you! I only suggest. The only thing we have to do these next few days is FUN HAVING!

ok, so PORTMANIA kind of sucks so far. it’s the normal amount of sucking. the 40% less promise was just wishful thinking on our part. BUT we still have 3 days to right the ship! If you’ve been to PORTMANIA’s before you know that PORTMANIA is what we bring to it. I brought the noise. You bring the FUNK.


PORTMANIA brings the watermelon