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It’s totally for sure Day THREE of PORTMANIA

So, now what?

I can’t even tell…

Let’s do a Natalie Portman FACT! (WARNING: Natalie FACTS! are high in cholesterol)

Natalie FACT: During COVID shut down Natalie found it EASY to wear a mask because she was still COMPLETELY GORGEOUS!!

Check it OUT:

GETTING HER NAILS DONE! There’s no surprise under the mask. She’s going to be the prettiest thing you ever saw.

Even hiding her eyes. She’s the prettiest thing you ever saw.

This is not a mistake.

She knows what she’s doing…

And so, now you know, Natalie’s beauty is not just natural, but SUPER natural.

NOW let’s go to….

The Underappreciated Nat Movie Of The Day!

Directed by Ivan Reitman and Co-Starring Ashton Kutcher. This is the best movie by the director of Ghostbusters starring Natalie Portman FOR SURE.

If you haven’t seen it, Natalie plays a doctor….

That wears 3D Glasses….

and is shown in her bra a lot..

This is the same kind of thing, where I could see what they were going for, but I think this time they were more successful. Ivan Reitman is no slouch when it comes to comedy. I like that it’s a subversion of the regular trope where it’s the girl that wants a relationship, and the guy that’s afraid of commitment. And seeing Natalie in her bra is worth it. 523 STARS!!!

Time for another Natalie Portman FACT! (WARNING: Natalie FACTS are too legit, too legit to quit)

Natalie Fact! Natalie Portman knows instinctually the perfect amount of butter to put on her popcorn at the movie theatre.  And THEN the exact amount of salt on top of that.  Every person that’s ever gone to the movies with Nat has cried with happiness when they ate their popcorn 🍿.  It was as perfect as perfect can be.

That’s it for DAY THREE!! There’s only one day more! TOMORROW is Natalie’s Birthday!! and WE’RE READY, FREDDY!!

You Can’t Bear PORTMANIA!!!