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Brothers – 2009

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There's still no official release date, however Brothers is definitely now a 2009 film. This is pretty disappointing, especially after the positive screening feedback, as it leaves only two options.…

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Two more from Paris

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Celebrity Dog Watcher has a couple new images from the last set of photos from Paris. They reckon that Natalie and her folks are there for Fashion Week, which a…

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Jimmy Jam and Natty Noo

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Natalie's Other Boleyn Girl costar, Jim Sturgess (21, Across the Universe), has mentioned Natalie in a new interview. If you were around when 21 came out, you'll remember that there…

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Knife balls

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Well I'm back. Not having access to the net is, for me, a DEFCON 5 situation. At one point I was convinced I could get at least some kind of…

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Natalie in Paris

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Natalie was snapped arriving at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris (not New York, as originally thought) on Friday with her faithful companion, Not Charlie. UPDATE - Links now go…

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Venice to Hamptons

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On the evenings of October 17 and 18, Natalie's directorial debut, Eve, will be playing at the Hamptons International Film Festival. If you can make the journey and have $15…

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