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Scandal shorts

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Starzlife has some new images of Natalie on the way to the gym, wearing the most unflattering shorts imaginable. Apparently these were taken in Hollywood yesterday but I'm not so…

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So lets talk Brothers

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We all believed that Brothers would be released on December 4th, as that’s what the IMDB was going with. But I noticed that they were pretty much the only ones that had any date for the film. So I did a bit of digging and last week was told that a release date hasn’t been finalized yet. The date was going to be finalized this week but as of now its still up in the air.

As soon as I know, you’ll know.

Jeff Wells has put together his Oscar balloon and has mentions for the film and the boys – Jake and Tobey. Wipe away those tears because Fanatical found a nice breakdown from a screening, which paints Natalie’s performance in a really good light.


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Tuesday tidbit

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According to this, Natalie attended an event called Heeb Storytelling on Tuesday night. Heeb is a Jewish magazine focused on the idea of "Jewish is cool". From the report it…

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I’ve got to get out of this place

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We've got another set of candids from yesterday. Natalie was snapped with her pooch at LAX airport. Destination? New York, baby! Click the thumb to check out a gallery with…

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Starzlife has these new photos, of Natalie, up with the headline “dumped”. Ouch. If true I’m sure our hearts go out to both Natalie and Devendra. The end of a serious relationship is never fun.


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Tim Riggins FTW

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Lainey has suggested some candidates to be Natalie's next boyfriend. Surprisingly I like all three choices. Unsurprisingly, Clone wasn't mentioned.

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Nat and Devendra call it quits?

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Okay, keep cool Devendra haters. This is definitely pinch of salt material. Still, I know a lot of you are frothing at the mouth for something like this so enjoy…

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Source number 2

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Well, People are now also reporting that a source has also told them that Devendra and Natalie have broken up. Just about every celeb site on the net is running…

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