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more pics

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Hey all Titooy grabbed some more pics from the recent public set. Talking Walking Talking and walking Sympathizing Paying Still paying Explaining Strolling Still strolling Glaring Nat and Gael are…

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punch to the groin

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Julia Roberts. Is. In. Closer. GAH!!! It's now official according to Playbill and the IMDB. Thanks to Cal from AQMB. Here's hoping someone knocks her up soon. Failing that, I…

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Dana found a positive early review of Cold Mountain by David Sauvage. There are a few spoilers so... yeah. He describes Natalie as part of an "extraordinary cast of characters."…

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New pics of Natalie with Gael!

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Hey all A great find by Melody. Nat on her cell once again Is that Charlie or a handbag? Best. Couple. Ever. I like pockets in the front Giving money…

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Of the Valley of Wind.

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hello guys! we'll have a history lesson for people really quick just for people who don't know. Hayao Miyazaki is the brilliant japanese animator that has made "spirited away" and…

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Cold Mountain and Lux

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Hey all My grandmother passed away yesterday so this update is gonna be straight to the point. The full theatrical Cold Mountain trailer can now be seen here (Kris will…

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