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he’s aliiiive!

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Hey all Feeling muuuuch better today. Thanks for not spamming me with hatemail and death threats for the little break. If there was anything majorly important I woulda updated with…

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normalcy resumes

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Hey I'm feeling better today so tomorrow things should be back to normal. Till then...

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update from the grave

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Wow, that wasn't fun at all. Who woulda thought. I may feel like crap but I thought I'd do a quick update cos Nate sent in the new comic today.…

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bring on the pain

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Hey all This is probably my last update for a few days. Tomorrow night I'm gonna watch Revolutions and then it's off to bed early cos on thursday morning I'm…

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catching up

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Hey all I'm currently working through a ton of email, mostly about the new editorial. In past From the Inbox's I've been able to post pretty much all the emails…

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from the inbox

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Hey all Again, sorry I couldn't include all the emails and that I had to edit some of them down a bit. I tried not to make the edit's too...intrusive…

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moo ha ha

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There will never be an important-er update than this one. i don't remember what special things went on last Halloween but DAZZA told me that none of it is happening…

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paparazzi are people too!

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Hey all It's all about today. We've got a new editorial up, as promised. It was prompted by an email sent to me but we were actually discussing something…

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