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Hey all

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Hiya Kris' post below may be deleted after I have a chat with him but let me quickly say this: When we post about Nat content that we can't actually…

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some tv stuff

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Hiya I had a good weekend, hope you all can say the same. Gonna keep it a bit short tonight because...uh...damn, I should have thought of an excuse before I…

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New pics

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Hey all Just a quick morning update...Ekyillia found some new pics of Nat out and about. Once again she's on her phone and she seems to be wanting to hide…

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Before we get started, i'd like to apologize to the people i grievously offended in an earlier update when i linked to penis nipples and gay porn. To the very…

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did Nat burn all her bras?

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Hey all It's another busy Nat news day so I'll have to put aside my 1000 word soliloquy on table manners for another day. 76knights sent me a sh**load of…

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More pics and another great Mountain write up

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Hiya I guess first thing on the agenda would be the gallery for the Cold Mountain NY premiere. I'd have to echo Melody's comments, very natural and adorable. Anyway, keep…

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everything and the kitchen sink

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Let's see if I remember how to do this. Firstly, thanks to everyone who emailed me about the important stuff that Melody Nelson covered while I was away. I got…

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