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back from the brink

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Hey all I'm sorta back. Aside from the modem thing I've also had to move to a new room while my bedroom get's redone, so things are a bit hectic…

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Mathilda is back!!!

*SHOCKED* It's 5am in my part of the world and i have to wake up in 4 hours but i coudn't help updating with the first photo of Natalie at…

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Hey all Sorry about the absence. My modem has died and a replacement is only coming on monday. Hopefully Melody or Sanji or SOMEONE will update the english site with…

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Lost in translation

Natalie's Cold Mountain Promo tour is starting and It really is begining to feel like Christmas! We should quickly see her funny face on tv again since she'll be on…

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I’m still standing

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Yeah Yeah Yeah. Sorry about the downtime over the weekend, although you'll be glad to know there was f-all news so you didn't miss out on much. Just remember that…

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waiting for the worm to turn

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Do you know what this is? It's nothing. And nothing is what we've had all week in Nat news land. If the well is still dry tomorrow I'll maybe write…

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