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monday monday

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Evening This is going to be short and sweet (ok, just short) as I've got to finish up some xmas stuff. Kathleen caught a VH1 special on Cold Mountain in…

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Nat in Soho

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Hey all Been a busy day for me, working on my christmas gifts. So my full update is going to have to hold off till tomorrow. Buuuut, Nat was seen…

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tv round up

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Hey all Well, it's been a fun couple of days. Natalie's appearances were great, well, apart from the Good Morning America one, which almost as boring as it was short.…

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what the hell

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Just a quick morning update to say 2 things... 1) Nat was not on the Daily Show last night. She's now scheduled to appear today, the 17th. 2) CHUD has…

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Hey all

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Hiya Kris' post below may be deleted after I have a chat with him but let me quickly say this: When we post about Nat content that we can't actually…

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some tv stuff

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Hiya I had a good weekend, hope you all can say the same. Gonna keep it a bit short tonight because...uh...damn, I should have thought of an excuse before I…

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