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it speaks

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Some site announcements: 1) The newsletter! The newsletter have now moved location to a real majordomo administered newslist operating at the address "". So now you can sign up automatically…

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Natalie in Uganda

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Hiya She's slowly making her way towards me. Today Uganda, tomorrow Botswana and living bedroom! But seriously, it's really great to see her helping out with all these charities…

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ah crap.

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i actually have to make an update. OH BORINGNESS! BIG news for tonight is that you guys might have to start getting ready to travel to see natalie on stage…

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I never get sick. The last time I remember being really messed up was like 3 years ago. So I guess I was due and man am I making up…

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ratboy lives

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Hey all Just a morning quickie...ummm... Nat attended the TRL awards and if you head over here you can see some retro looking pics of her with Lukas Haas. Thanks…

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