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If Only She Was In… (part 1)

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Those of you who have been around long enough will remember this indulgent little feature I used to do where I’d pick my personal list of 10 films (from the previous year or so) that I wish Natalie had been in. The reasons would be different for each choice but the unifying idea was my ability and desire to imagine Natalie in the film in place of someone else. Things got busy and I haven’t done it for awhile, but I have some time now so let’s have another go at it.

Today is 6-10 and part 2 will be in a few days. This is covering probably the last 2 years of films, and I’ll maybe do another shorter list of 5 around Oscar time to cover all the great new films that I haven’t seen yet.



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Self Serving

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Since Natalie news is thin on the ground (but we’ve got a few treats for the next couple days…) I thought I’d share some personal work with you guys. Here are some videos that I worked on this year. Mostly very low budget. Absolutely nothing to do with Natalie.


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Rachel Reviews Thor 2

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You know the state of Natalie news is dire when Dazza asks one of his minions to post the unfocused forum mini-review she wrote on her lunch break on the main page. 😛 If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t worry about spoilers. It’s been almost two months since Thor: The Dark World was released in theaters, so that should probably give you an idea of how excited I was to go see it. Brace yourself for my enthusiasm.

I went in with fairly low expectations, and I hate to say I was still kind of unimpressed. The story was half-baked, the action scenes were generic and unremarkable, the camp was over the top, and the whole thing felt overly long despite the frentic pace. Belerofonte nailed what I was scratching my head over in his review: one of Thor: The Dark World‘s biggest problems is that it feels like a condensed version of a grander tale. The film also struggled to find a good balance between being silly and serious (the first Thor movie did this much more successfully). One of my big gripes with Thor is reversed in its sequel. This time, everything set on Earth really worked for me, but Asgard fell flat. I found myself losing interest when Thor and Loki weren’t onscreen, which was entirely too often. Mads Mikkelsen really dodged a bullet, because the villain was lame, lame, lame. And the lukewarm romance between Thor and Jane was still pretty lame, too. Maybe the romance would have worked if Natalie and Chris Hemsworth had any onscreen chemistry (they don’t), but I’m betting it would have still felt really awkward and forced. Unlike the other Marvel movies, there are too many characters on the canvas and just not enough time to focus on all of them. Characterization was either an afterthought or left on the cutting room floor. This is a superhero movie after all.


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Mathilda Musings

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I was typing up another response to Adonis about a Leon (The Professional) sequel in the comments section, but I thought I’d make it a post instead and encourage others to jump in.

The idea of a Leon sequel is something that fills me with dread. The reasons are not new and they are plentiful. From the quality of Besson’s work since those early days, to the fact that Mathilda AND Leon was the magic of the film, to have one without the other would be disappointing.

But a bigger issue for me, and what I was writing in response to Adonis, is that I don’t want to see Mathilda kicking ass as a hit woman. Not only is it boring and played out, but it fires 2 to the chest and 1 to the head of the first film. Mathilda shows Leon a glimpse of a real life and his heartbreaking goodbye speech underlines the lesson learned – if he gets out of there he wants to give it all up, live in peace, have roots.


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The Macbeth news broke last night as I was already in bed, so I didn’t have much chance to really work out what I thought about it. It’s a holiday here in South Africa so I’ve got some time to tap out a few pros and cons from my point of view. You guys can do the same in the comments and in a day or two we can set up a poll.


It’s a new Natalie movie. Any Natalie movie is better than no Natalie movie. Unless that movie is Free Zone.


The director, Justin Kurzel, only has one feature film to his name, although it appears as though he has also signed up to adapt a John le Carré novel next, starring Ralph Fiennes and Ewan McGregor, so Hollywood is showing faith in his talents.


The directors only feature film was Snowtown, a dark and bloody crime film that impressed and repelled in equal measure. You can see the trailer here to get a (bitter) taste.

Lots more after the jump…


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To The Wonder

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With Natalie having done back to back Terrence Malick films, I thought you guys might be curious in the new trailer for his latest film, To The Wonder. By all…

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