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The Macbeth news broke last night as I was already in bed, so I didn’t have much chance to really work out what I thought about it. It’s a holiday here in South Africa so I’ve got some time to tap out a few pros and cons from my point of view. You guys can do the same in the comments and in a day or two we can set up a poll.


It’s a new Natalie movie. Any Natalie movie is better than no Natalie movie. Unless that movie is Free Zone.


The director, Justin Kurzel, only has one feature film to his name, although it appears as though he has also signed up to adapt a John le Carré novel next, starring Ralph Fiennes and Ewan McGregor, so Hollywood is showing faith in his talents.


The directors only feature film was Snowtown, a dark and bloody crime film that impressed and repelled in equal measure. You can see the trailer here to get a (bitter) taste.

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