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It’s time for another batch of smaller Natalie news items. Quite a nice selection today…

– The Playlist have published their annual 100 Most Anticipated Films list for 2016 and Natalie had three films make it. Jackie is number 36, Weightless (the second Malick film) is number 2, and Jane Got A Gun was an honourable mention. A bit curious that Planetarium didn’t make the cut.

Knight of Cups opens stateside in a month and a half but will premiere at the Santa Barbara Film Festival in early February. As part of the promotion, Broad Green Pictures are releasing very short snippets from the film, which I personally find a poor match for Malick’s aesthetic. Nevertheless, here is one such clip with Natalie.

– Finally, it would appear that Natalie and Ben are currently in Cuba.


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We have another new clip from Jane Got a Gun, brought to you exclusively by People. Since we can’t embed, click through the thumbnail to view the video at their site.

'Jane Got a Gun' Clip

Thanks to Belerofonte and Miriam for the find.


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It’s been a pretty great start to the year for Natalie news. Let’s try and keep that going with some mini news items.

– More encouraging news about Annihilation, the director Alex Garland seems intent to make it more than the typical action sci-fi. “Atmosphere and tone over structure and plot” and “impressionistic mood poem” sounds right up my alley.

– A very deep review of Knight of Cups that is positively rapturous about the film.

This poetry is a resistance and a provocation within contemporary cinema. It speaks a nostalgia for a world full of spirit(s). But also, in one or two key shots, a nostalgia for the aquarium of magical fauna that lit up childhood. We forget to our detriment this essential quest in Malick – those eyes which dream up watery nymphs here, or dinosaurs and a levitating mother elsewhere. The meanders of Knight of Cups belong to those who have opened their eyes for the first time to a world that, through habit, they usually screen out.

– Finally, I’ve been coming around on Jane Got A Gun but this new clip from the film is a bit cringe-y. What do you think?

JGAG US Trailer and Poster

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Thanks to Mike and Belerofonte, we bring you the official US trailer for Jane Got a Gun:

Not much different from the UK trailer, but we also have a brand new poster after the jump to go with it.

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JGAG Promo 2

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Just a day late, but as Dazza promised, here’s the second new Jane Got a Gun promotional still. Thanks to Belerofonte for the find.

JGAG Promo


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Anyone else feeling a bit deflated by the new Star Wars film being good. I mean, I’m glad that it is but it’s frustrating that Natalie wasn’t given the same kind of platform to create a compelling character as Daisy Ridley has received. Sigh.

In any case, here are some mini news items to lift the gloom.

– The French premiere of Jane Got A Gun is taking place on January 24th and Natalie will be in attendance.

– Speaking of which, with the delay in France the country that will now see the film first appears to be Germany on December 31st. The German site for the film is here.

EW has Natalie’s photo for Jackie and it is HUGE.

Thanks to Belerofonte.

New JGAG Stills

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Belerofonte has a real treat for us tonight with 10 new and HQ Jane Got A Gun production stills featuring Natalie. Hit the preview to view them in the gallery.


New Poll + JGAG Trailer Results

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Time for a new poll and on a suggestion from the community I’ve gone with a photo battle between the two new InStyle photos. To refresh your memory…

Up Close
Medium Distance

Two gorgeous photos but which one is your favourite?

There have been two trailers since our last poll but the feedback is in on the first trailer and it’s fairly positive. I think the trailers since then have done a better job of it so the results might be even more positive now. The results are below.


Jane Got A New Trailer + Images

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A couple really nice Jane Got A Gun items for you guys today. First up is the UK trailer for the film, which is pretty good apart from the song at the end. Then we have the official Instagram account, with some new official photos. They mention a release date of January 29th but it is unclear if that is a new U.S. release date or perhaps the date for the U.K.


Thanks to Adonis and Belerofonte.

JGAG French Release Date

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Following the horrible terrorist attacks in Paris, various films have had their release dates pushed. This includes Jane Got A Gun, which has already faced its many shares of postponing. Previously, a statement on the matter has been released stating that the priority of the film was to have it be shown during a more peaceful time, and to have it debut when media can focus on matters other than the attacks. Well, we have a confirmed release date now. The film has been pushed to January 27, 2016, as it is shown here. That mentioned statement can be found here, and another official announcement on the matter can be reached here.

If you’re looking for some more insight on how this film is doing (when we weren’t sure if it would have even seen the light of day ever), there’s a new German review that basically states that this film is okay. From what I can gather from this review, it may be a predictable ride that is made better with the talents of the film’s leads. Hey, after all of the production nightmares, I’ll take it! The review is here.

Thanks to Belerofonte for the scoop as usual. We are slowly getting this film finally.


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We’re missing out on what would have been a lot of great Natalie content this week, but here are some tasty tidbits to make up for it.

– Natalie’s next film, the biopic Jackie, is officially in pre-production.

– Further explanation on the French release date shift for Jane Got A Gun, including a possible new release date of January 27, 2016.

– Finally, another review to suggest that the long wait for the film might almost be worth it. Another French review but the most positive yet – 4 stars.

Jane got a gun for all these reasons is one of the great surprises of year-end marking not only the return of Natalie Portman in a leading role, but also confirming all the good we think of the director Gavin O’Connor.

Thanks to Belerofonte and Nina.

JGAG Release Delayed In France

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I’ve heard from several French friends that the release of Jane Got A Gun, which was due later this month, will be pushed back to early 2016. There are obvious jokes to be made about the film, which has already gone through several release date changes in North America due to a troubled distribution, but given the mindset in France now you can completely understand why this had to occur.

UPDATE – It’s now official

German JGAG Trailer

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The German trailer for Jane Got A Gun has arrived and despite it being in, you know, German, I think I actually liked it a hell of a lot more than the English trailer. What say you?

Second JGAG Review

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A second French review for Jane Got A Gun has arrived and while the first was lukewarm at best, this is definitely more positive.

If one is not totally convinced by the narrative twists and a little easier, shape, it imposes the tone. That of a thoroughbred western, sometimes intimate, sometimes thundering, in any case, more than attractive.

The full review in English, courtesy of Google translate and Belerofonte, is after the jump.
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New Poll + premiere appearance results

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It’s about time for a new poll and I decided that you guys should get to finally weigh in on the Jane Got A Gun trailer.

As for the results of our previous poll, you guys thought the TIFF premiere look was the better of the two ATOLAD premiere looks. Not sure I agree with that one…


JGAG Tidbits

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Jane Got A Gun will finally land early next year in the states but it is arriving in French cinemas in just a month’s time, which means THINGS ARE HAPPENING.

– Here we have the first review (in French) that calls the film “not bad”. Stick that one on the poster! There are some encouraging comments about Natalie at least – they call her “great”.

– Next up we have a massive version of the poster, free of that annoying typography.

Jane Got A Gun

– And finally, here are a couple character posters for Ewan McGregor and Joel Edgerton.

Thanks to Belerofonte, Nina, and Mike.

JGAG Trailer Is Here

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After approximately 12 years the Jane Got A Gun trailer has finally arrived. It looks quite entertaining – didn’t love the last few seconds of the trailer but seems decent, although decent is probably quite a few steps below what everyone was aiming for when the troubled production was being conceived. Thanks to Kitten and Maribel.