It was over a year ago that we first heard that Natalie was working with Shirin Neshat, the Iranian artist, on a short film. As details emerged we learned that the film was a 10 minute long “almost silent” video installation for Dior called ‘Through The Abyss’, which was to be part of a tribute to Dior from 15 female artists, to take place at the Grand Palais in Paris (November 13-15).

Now, in association with the Viennale International Film Festival, the short is being presented in an even shorter 2 minute form, which we have for you below. They call it a trailer (it’s not) and clarified that the title is ‘Illusions & Mirrors’, which means that it is the full tribute for Dior is probably titled “Through The Abyss’.

Either way, the 2 minute short will be playing in Austrian cinemas leading up to the beginning of the festival.

We also have a beautiful UHQ production still.


Thanks to Fanatical and Kitten.



7 Responses to Illusions & Mirrors

  1. 3 years ago by amo

    That’s UHQ? Am I looking at the wrong version?

  2. 3 years ago by Kitten

    @amo, here is the UHQ

  3. 3 years ago by Adonis

    The trailer sounds kind of mysterious ….. like a thriller…
    Natalie was very convincing – as always.

  4. 3 years ago by amo

    thanks kitten

  5. 3 years ago by edenLiao

    oops, didn’t noticed that Kitten has already posted it. sorry! and thanks, Kitten! :)

  6. 3 years ago by Dazza

    Sorry, the copy link didn’t paste earlier. Should work now.


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